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Network Design

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We work with you to design and re-work your existing infrastructure to match your current requirements and future goals. Then for one low flat rate fee we proactively maintain your network, keep yours and your customer’s data secure from compromise, and keep you prepared if disaster strikes. All this as well as end user help desk support.

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What People Are Saying

It is my privilege to recommend Darrell Brown and Safetnet, LLC as your next IT Specialist. I and my law
firm, McGinty Belcher & Hamilton, Attorneys, have had the pleasure of being a client of Darrell’s for
approximately fifteen years. My firm practices in the area of Estate Planning, Elder Law and Social
Security Disability. Darrell takes care of all of our many and varied IT needs. He built and manages our network which we use for sharing files, software, case management systems, including Clio,
TimeMatters and Prevail, and sharing devices such as printers, scanners and photocopier, both in the office and remotely. He understands client confidentiality and the importance of deadlines. Over the years, my firm has had some stringent deadlines to meet and Darrell has met each one without fail.
He has a high level of expertise and is both dependable and diligent in his work. My office is one of only a handful of firms in the state that is authorized by the Social Security Administration to conduct
hearings and have clients appear before an administrative law judge using Video Teleconferencing
(VTC). The standards required by the Social Security Administration to participate by VTC are extremely high and participants must demonstrate systems in place with an above average level of reliability.
Most recently, Governor Brown’s Executive Order 20-12, directing all Oregonians to “stay at home to
the maximum extent possible” created new challenges as we scrambled to comply and, at the same
time, continue to reassure and provide services to our clients. Thanks to Darrell’s flawless technical
support, the transition was seamless. With little to no notice, he switched our entire law firm from the office to working remotely, allowing us to focus our time and energies on our clients and to provide
them with uninterrupted services.
Again, I highly recommend Darrell. He is, without a doubt, a quality IT specialist who I am sure will do great things for your organization. Please contact me if you need more information by calling me at 503-371-9636 or emailing me at:

Kathy Belcher

Partner Attorney, McGinty, Belcher & Hamilton, PC

Darrell and Kylie have been instrumental in the success of our transition to distance learning.  In the blink of an eye, we were forced to change the way we teach and interact with our students and staff.  Darrell and Kylie created an online platform, complete with classes and students as well as support staff, and also trained us (day and night) on how to use the platform.  They were available for support and guidance throughout the process, creating tutorials and having open office hours so teachers could ask questions.  They were patient and professional and always responded to emails and phone calls quickly.  Their level of professionalism and their ability to quickly trouble shoot and correct issues that came up allowed us to have a smooth transition that is highly successful. 

Fayth Silveus

Happy Valley East Campus, Happy Valley School, Burke Basic School

We wish to acknowledge the tremendous customer service and excellent technical assistance Happy Valley School has received from Safetnet , LLC. The professionalism and reliable service has been incredibly helpful during this challenging time of virtual learning . We have fully depended on their technical knowledge to help our teachers and staff become familiar with learning platforms and how to create distance learning programs. The team of professionals at Safetnet are available to us when we need their services, and they provide excellent live and recorded trainings to our teachers. With calm, reassuring and positive attitudes, this team helped us navigat e to a fully online teaching program in a matter of a few, short weeks. We could not have been as successful without their services, and we truly appreciate the Safetnet team of professionals!

Jeannine McDonald

Happy Valley School

Your professionalism and prompt attention to our three schools’ technology needs continue to be superb.  The technology services you provide our administration, teachers, staff and students has proven to be exceptional.  I can totally depend upon your team to assist us day or night with all of our technological needs.  Though I was hesitant at first with having an IT person so far away, the miles are no obstacle to the level of service provided to Choice Academies.  Thank you for always presenting yourself in a professional manner.  The urgency in which you assist our schools with a level head and calmness even in crisis has allowed me to address other issues without concern for the technological parts.  The trust and dependability has been proven invaluable with the technological world we are in.  You and your team have been extremely supportive throughout this transition from our traditional on campus classrooms to the online platform we now have reluctantly embraced.  The numerous tutorials that you have provided have made this transition much easier.  The timeliness of responses to questions and concerns continue to be quick and informative. 


Your straightforwardness, honesty and extensive knowledge of your business as well as your awareness of the changes in technology are priceless.   I highly recommend you and your company to any organization looking for technological expertise. 

Audra Wilson-Smith

Choice Academies

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